I Ate A Dingo Baby

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True Story
In 1980, a woman and her husband claimed a wild dog known as a “dingo” had taken their baby from their campsite in the Australian Outback. The authorities did not believe their story and charged them with a crime but they were eventually exonerated. The publicity from the trial, and a movie about the incident starring Meryl Streep, led to the phrase “a dingo ate your baby” entering the popular vernacular. The phrase increased in popularity when it was used by the character Elaine in a “Seinfeld” episode in the 1990s.

Not So True Story
We believe that the only way to protect children from the threat of dingoes in modern life is to be proactive. That’s right: it’s us or them. Do your part and help advertise the campaign to eat dingo babies before they eat ours.

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